“I DO NOT KNOW” Syndrome

Have you ever been in the position to start a new journey, a new career and feel that you know nothing?

In that hypostasis I was myself. When my sports career ended suddenly (to be read “tragically” ), my life was overwhelmed.
I started handball at a very early age. I remember that at the age of 14 I first get paid for my play. At 18, I had a double salary for my parents’ wages together.
Up to 25 years of age passion and job have been my sport.

At 25, after many injuries, I had to stop.
And then I thought, for the first time, that “I know nothing, except being a handball player.”
I started exploring new passions, I took makeup and manicure classes and I set up a beauty salon, then I took secretarial classes, I organised parties for kids. In none of these activities I couldn’t find myself. But I understood one thing: the determination to do everything as well as possible was present as it was when I played handball.

At the call of a friend I started working with a Business Coach. I remember the first meeting so well. To each question Dan asked me, I had the same answer : ”I DO NOT KNOW”.
What was extraordinary is that behind every “I do not know,” I discovered that I knew exactly what I wanted, but I was afraid to assume, I was afraid of failure, and if I said “I do not know” I was in my comfort zone. But when you work with the right people, they help you discover and assume what you want from life. This was my case, and now, as a Coach, I often recognize this situation.

For a while, I thought sportsmen were going to do it most often.
Recently, I was asked for help by a fresh college graduate.
he moved to Bucharest and he needed a job.
The first step was to make a CV. I asked him to talk to me about the job he wants, where he wants to work.
I was not surprised when he started with “I DO NOT KNOW”.
And how can you make a resume if you do not know what to do?
It’s simple! You need to find out who you are, what you want, what you are passionate about, what talents can be of use to you.
This was our starting point. Following our discussion, he found answers, better clarity about what he want, made a contact list, had a homework theme, and a lot of encouragement. Most importantly, we have managed to make a perfect CV for him.
I was not surprised when, just a week later, he announced me that he’ve got a job at a company he could not even dreamed he could get it so fast.


An important step of helping you to get out of that comfort zone is to start working with a Coach or a consultant who can help you take the right steps to discover, plan and achieve your goal.

If you need help, send me a message.

Good wishes,