Global Talent Sourcing Agency provides consulting and coaching services to sports teams, sports club management, coaches and athletes (1-1 coaching, team coaching)

Are you a sports team manager and want to discover the best approach, attitude, strategy and action plan to build a successful team?

Are you a coach and you want to lead a team that has a clear goal? A team where the tension between teammates is seen as an opportunity for improvement? Where conflict is avoided, but tackled in a simple way through a supportive process? A team where listening and dialogue are common skills for better mutual understanding?

Are you an athlete  and want to reach your maximum potential both professionally and personally?

Global Talent Sourcing Agency provides you with the tools, techniques and strategies that suit your needs.

For more details about my services or how I can help you or your team, contact me on my phone, e-mail or by filling up this form.

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