• Gabriela Tichelea

    “My passion for sports has blended nicely with my passion for people, so I set up GTS-Agency. I propose to be real support to people in sport and to support them in achieving their goals.”

    Who am I?

Global Talent Sourcing Agency provides consulting and coaching services to sports teams, sports club management, coaches and athletes (1-1 coaching, team coaching).

I coach people working in the sport sector to LIVE, LEAD and WORK to their FULLEST POTENTIAL.

Gabriela Tichelea
Founder Global Talent Sourcing

Accredited Transformational Presence Coach

Trainer and Personal Development Advisor

Certified Executive Coach

International Federation Member

Licensed EHF Club Manager

  • Values that guide us:

    • Passion
    • Commitment
    • Responsibility
    • Trust
    • Openness
    • One team attitude
    • Honesty
    • Continuous improvement
  • My mission is to help you find a better approach to your potential.

Training & Facilitation

Leadership Coaching

Talent Development

Team Coaching

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